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Oct 10, 2011 12:55am EDT
provided us with an absolutely spectacular autumn day in new hampshire. but i need to tell you that there are new storm clouds on the horizon and there is a political purpose storm brewing right now. at the center of the storm is president obama's ideology. as the one that almost tore apart our nation back in its early days in 1861, when we were still a young nation. at that time, the issue was a human rights issue, this time, it is economical. right now, our country is in deep trouble. we are being attacked by both foreign and domestic enemies. what we need to understand, we need a leader, right now, that has the ability to long term, and make the decisions that will allow future americans to enjoy life, the predicament and pursuit of happiness. we need a leader who embraces the u.s. constitution and recognize it as a one-of-a-kind sacred document. i maintain that we need a leader that knows how to create jobs, that has the track record, that helps run a small business and make a weekly table. we need a leader -- weekly payroll. we need a leader that recognizes the backbone of a st
Oct 9, 2011 3:44pm EDT
and the speeches or the -- from jeremy wright -- and used that as a series of questions in 2008 so we did focus on barack obama's faith and upbringing during the campaign. caller: i thought obama's mother was a jew and nobody ever said anything about her. host: well, we have talked about his mother. his mother passed away many years ago. he was essential raised by his grandmother. but the point is we focused on his faith and this is an issue that came up over the weekend by a supporter of governor rick perry. it is front page this morning in a number of papers and this a response from bill bennett who spoke yesterday at the value voters summit the headline from politico. jefress's comments is bigotry and i would say you stepped on and obscured the words of perry and santorum and everyone else who had spoken here. you did rick perry no good, sir in what you had to say. sarah is joining us, tuscon, democrats line. does it matter? caller: good morning. i'm a little torn. i have mormon neighbors. i have had them in my house. they wanted my 18-year-old son to come to church with them. t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2